When Magda came to photography as a child through her family, she had no idea that it was the beginning of a great passion. Her love for photography has grown over the years. When she started capturing people, she quickly realized that this path would hold something special for her. Film photography has changed her view of photos in a way – the old photos inspire her a lot and she devotes herself to this way of photographing from time to time, especially when travelling. Since the number of images is limited and they are not immediately visible, it takes mindfulness to consciously recognize the right moments. Magda also transfers this mindfulness to her wedding photos. She is very empathetic and sensitive. Besides photography, her greatest passion is travelling. She loves learning new things and seeing the world from new perspectives. When she is not busy taking pictures while travelling, she is probably looking for the best coffee 😉


Marcel is the calm soul of the team. No matter how busy it gets, Marcel keeps cool and also has a positive influence on the people around him with his balanced manner. This calm nature also helps him to consciously perceive his surroundings and vividly convey the atmosphere and feelings in his films. He loves the emotional, moving moments on a wedding day. He first spent quite a while with photography before he found his way to filmmaking. However, videography aught him right away. The many facets of filmmaking inspire him. This enthusiasm is also the reason why he is always interested in all kinds of topics, reading up, researching and learning new things. If you watch a film with him, thoughts about camera work, technique or effects are not long in coming. In addition to his fascination for technology, he is a passionate cook and travel planner.


feel good manager

It’s hard to imagine the editing marathons without our purring company. What would Team Wedding Voyagers be without our two Feel Good managers Pao and Mephisto! The two cats were adopted from an animal shelter (Tierhilfe 4 Happy Paws) in 2021 and have been an important part of the team ever since. Needless to say they get an excellent room service by family and friends whenever we’re busy traveling again.

Together, we also support animal welfare / animal rights and therefore support animal rescue organizations wherever we can during our travels and at home.


South Africa

Cape Town


Majorca, Costa Blanca


Paris, Dijon


Venice, Montemaggiore


Zagreb, Split, Zadar


Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Baden Baden